Paris peek

Another little peek in our Moms in Paris trip today, before I am heading off to Estonia. The road is always calling me :)

After our breakfast in the cosy cafe in Latin Quartal, we headed - of course, towards Tour Eifel. But, there is a little bit different and charming location to approach it - starting from the house where Balsac used to live - Maison de Balsac. These pictures taken in the garden of the house, where peace abounds.

After enjoying some peacful moments there, we headed closer...

And that's already quite classic, postcard view :)  - 


  1. lovely pictures...I've never been to france/paris..I'm trying to convince my mr to take me one day soon!

  2. I've never been to Paris, but I decorated a powder room and call it 'Paris'. Visit my blog to see a picture.
    Glad to have found you on Metsy....isn't THAT blog fun!
    I'm adding you to my Google Reader so I can revist often.

  3. thank you, Vicki and MCatherine!
    Yes, I think it is definately a city worth to visit :)

  4. Oh you look so pretty with the flowers in your hair! I love your Paris pictures.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend my dear friend.

    Cheers: Evi