Photography is Power.

Photography is power.
Inspired photography. 
It has always been one of my dreams. And now I am submitting few of my pictures for a contest. 
For the first time in my life.
I would be happy if you have a look at my portfolio here  and let me know your oppinions, judgement and feelings about it.



  1. cool! best of luck for the competition!

  2. your photography is lovely, i especially like the first and second photos, so much feeling in them. oohh, a photography contest! sounds exciting! hope you do well :)

  3. Thank you so much!!! Yea, the first two - you have seen exactly what I meant, I chose them because of the feelings that they hold..

  4. Unfortunately I can't open your portfolio link...I would love to see your work :-(

    I'll start a photography school in July and I'm so insanely excited about it!

    Good luck with the contest!

    Have a lovely weekend my dear friend.

    Cheers: Evi

  5. Thank you! There was some problems with the site a few days ago, but you can see it now! :)

  6. I really like your photography! Best of luck in the contest too.

    Annnd... You have been awarded theI ♥ Your Blog AwardCongrats!