Creativity, freckles and dreams of sunshine

Here is a little peek in my creative process today. 
As I was thinking about all the new projects that are coming up for me, I was thinking about summer and sunshine and those days when you feel so alive and free – wind in your hair, warmth in your heart, smiles all around. 
As I was playing around with the different fabrics I have, I came up with this beautiful combination of beige, pale yellow and beige polka dot that reminded me of freckles and ease. So here are some pictures I took while creating the newest flowers. 

And, a cup of hot drink is a must, of course. This time it is gorgeous spiced tea with milk and honey. Try it. Absolutely fantastic. 



Trip to Paris - day 1

In the morning after our arrival and settling in the nice and cozy apartment, we set off on our adventure. 
The breakfast had to be in a local cafe of course. Croissant and a cup of coffee will do. 

We found a nice cafe with artistic atmosphere and beautiful paintings in the local area - Latin Quarter. 

The price of course is a bit of a shock in the beginning (in this one coffee was 3,70 euro and croissant was 1,60), but you just have to accept - you're in Paris. That's why you pay more.

It was truly worth it. It was beautiful. The day had started.


A trip "Moms in Paris" - Introduction

The idea was born one nice summer day. I saw a very cheap flight option from Riga to Brussels, and I knew that Brussels is just a quick train journey away from Paris. I have been in Paris couple of times before, but my mom hasn't. And somehow I thought - wouldn't it be nice to take her on a trip. I shared the idea with my friend and she happily joined me in the idea, so I bought four tickets - two daughters and two moms. 

It was perfect. We stayed in an amazing flat owned by Mr Jerome, who is a true Parisian, loves life, art, cooking and many other things. His apartment was charming, peaceful and beautiful - a perfect start and basis for our trip. 

And it was located in the beautiful Latin district - just a 15 min walk away from Notre Dame de Paris, and just around the corner from the famous Rue Muffetard - a street and a district that is one of the oldest and most famous street markets in Paris. Ernest Hemingway used to live in that area for a while. 


Tutorial - how to make pages on your blog

Wow I just found this tutorial on Shabby Blogs about how to make pages on your blog. I was wondering about it and here it is. Amazing, I am loving and playing with it now.
Here is the link for tutorial

Have fun and enjoy!!!


Work of Art

"You have to either be a work of art, or wear a work of art." Oscar Wilde


Paris. A Moveable Feast

"If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast." Hemingway.

But on my way to Paris, I happen to find myself in a cafe full of the life of Morocco. How amazing and unexpectad is that!

That's a bit of introduction about my wonderful trip "Mom in Paris".