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Winter, winter, why so long?

I do love all the seasons, don't get me wrong. And the snow is so beautiful and makes the world look brighter and softer. But still my preferences go to summer, or at least spring time.
So I am hoping that the time for chill and piles of snow will soon be over. Although nothing out here is that could support this hope of mine.
 How about you, what do you do when you get summer-sick? Can I use that expression? When you are away and you miss home, you are home-sick, so I guess when you're away from summer and you miss it so much, that makes you summer-sick, doesn't it?

To brighten up this day me and my model for etsy shop went to cafe "Sienna" for a cup of delicious cappucino and few hours of photo shooting. 


Paris as a gift

One sunny summer day I had an idea that it would be so nice to take my mom to a trip. There and then the idea was supported by a friend of mine and we decided that 2 girls with their moms, a trip called "Mom in Paris" sounds just perfect. So the tickets was booked and last week I had the chance to present this idea to my mom as a birthday gift.
And here is how it looked like:


Life is beautiful

Click on the picture to listen to Noa singing "LIfe is beautiful that way". We all need this reminder time to time. Smile.


I've been featured!

Thank you Linda!
My Fuchsia Headband-Brooch has just been one of the top 5 features of the week on Linda's blog.
Other four beautiful features include gorgeous necklace, romantic greeting card, inspiring photograph and a very funny little burglar cat.
Go and see for yourself Linda's blog and maybe you can be featured another week!

Fuchsias: A practical guide to cultivating fuchsias, with over 500 beautiful photographs and illustrations



As I was walking this morning in the freezing cold, I was pondering over - what are my dreams for life at the moment? I know that there are many that have come to pass already, and it is always good to formulate for yourself what your dreams and expectations are, so you now you have something to look for.

So I came up with the 5 most important at the moment:

1. Get married and have a beautiful family.
2. Travel the world. (This dream about traveling has been coming to fulfillment during the last couple of years already, but there are still so many places I haven't been yet).
3. Open a Coffee Shop - Social/Arts/Networking place that will have an ambience like no other.
4. Have a house where I can access rooftop, so I can make little private rooftop parties.
5. Use my photography skills more in many ways and open and exhibition.

So that's my first five. My pondering for today. It is possible that other day there would be some other that seem more relevant.

What about you? What are you dreaming about today?

Rooftop and Terrace Gardens: A step-by-step guide to creating a modern and stylish space (Garden Style Guides)DreamsDreams


Fashion Fuschia

I don't know about you, but I have always liked the fuschia colour. I have so many clothing in it and therefore my latest accesories - Fuschia Headband. What you think?

More About Fuschia: In womens fashion circles, the color fashion fuchsia is known as a popular color for clothing, shoes, and accessories, where it is a slightly less saturated hue of pink than Shocking pink. In the 1950s, a popular brand of colored pencils, Venus Paradise, had a colored pencil called Hollywood Cerise which was this color. Before being renamed "Hollywood cerise" in the 1940s, the color had before that, since 1922, been known simply as Hollywood. [Source: Wikipedia.org]


Some more of Chefchaouen

Ok, a few more pictures of this beautiful mountain village in Morocco, and then I will move on!


another one

And I forgot to tell you the name of this beautiful village - it is Chefchaouen


I would love to share with you my love for Morocco where I have just spent the last month. There might be some of you who share with me these affections - I would love to hear from you!

There is a small village in the northern part of Morocco in the mountains where it feels like you are in a fairy-tale indeed - all the houses are painted in million shades of blue and white.


A month in Morocco

January has been amazing. I was fortunate enough to visit the beautiful places of Morocco, meet some interesting and charming people, take a lot of pictures and just enjoy life as it is when travelling.

As St.Augustin said a long time ago -
"This world is a book written by God and if you don't travel, you read only the first page of it."

Well, I've done my first few chapters, but there is so much more for me still to read.

But now back home and back to work.
With a new enthusiasm I am getting back to my etsy shop, so wait for new things and promotions in the very near future!