Creativity, freckles and dreams of sunshine

Here is a little peek in my creative process today. 
As I was thinking about all the new projects that are coming up for me, I was thinking about summer and sunshine and those days when you feel so alive and free – wind in your hair, warmth in your heart, smiles all around. 
As I was playing around with the different fabrics I have, I came up with this beautiful combination of beige, pale yellow and beige polka dot that reminded me of freckles and ease. So here are some pictures I took while creating the newest flowers. 

And, a cup of hot drink is a must, of course. This time it is gorgeous spiced tea with milk and honey. Try it. Absolutely fantastic. 



  1. What a gorgeous color combo! :D

  2. Looks lovely : )

    I'm a big fan of twinings apple spiced chai tea w/ a healthy dose of french vanilla creamer

  3. Thank you! Yea, apple spiced chai sounds nice. In my cup this time is a indian spiced tea with lots of spices :)

  4. these are so wonderfully delicate and beautiful!♥

  5. These are gorgeous...and that delicious cup of tea is calling me :-)

    Cheers: Evi