Winter, winter, why so long?

I do love all the seasons, don't get me wrong. And the snow is so beautiful and makes the world look brighter and softer. But still my preferences go to summer, or at least spring time.
So I am hoping that the time for chill and piles of snow will soon be over. Although nothing out here is that could support this hope of mine.
 How about you, what do you do when you get summer-sick? Can I use that expression? When you are away and you miss home, you are home-sick, so I guess when you're away from summer and you miss it so much, that makes you summer-sick, doesn't it?

To brighten up this day me and my model for etsy shop went to cafe "Sienna" for a cup of delicious cappucino and few hours of photo shooting. 


  1. Those icicles are actually really pretty! soon it will be warm. That is what I keep telling myself. This seems like the longest winter ever!!


  2. Yea, I think it is the longest winter ever everywhere. But today the ice and snow is melting already. :) Waiting for the sun

  3. yep, long winter here....to add insult to injury it has been snowing and blowing and been downright nasty for the last 24 hours and no snow has stayed on the ground. that is just wrong....;-)

  4. Thanks, Gadget and Spring Blossom! Yea, Mary, I understand. Here too - some days ago it seemed that the winter might be going, but today again heavy snow and cold. Too long! :)