As I was walking this morning in the freezing cold, I was pondering over - what are my dreams for life at the moment? I know that there are many that have come to pass already, and it is always good to formulate for yourself what your dreams and expectations are, so you now you have something to look for.

So I came up with the 5 most important at the moment:

1. Get married and have a beautiful family.
2. Travel the world. (This dream about traveling has been coming to fulfillment during the last couple of years already, but there are still so many places I haven't been yet).
3. Open a Coffee Shop - Social/Arts/Networking place that will have an ambience like no other.
4. Have a house where I can access rooftop, so I can make little private rooftop parties.
5. Use my photography skills more in many ways and open and exhibition.

So that's my first five. My pondering for today. It is possible that other day there would be some other that seem more relevant.

What about you? What are you dreaming about today?

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  1. All, are totally relevant, today's babysteps over time are long strides you've taken to accomplish your dreams :) so yes, totally relevant!

    I love your dreams btw :D the coffee house is inspiring as well as the access to the roof top :) I want a party like that too :)

  2. Thank you lostsentiments. Yes, there is something about the rooftops... as well as there is something magic about coffee and cofee shops...
    Maybe one day I will invite you to my secret rooftop party ;)