Getting into Paris mood

Time to pack the bags and listening to some of the all time Paris classic songs.  Click on the picture and listen with mehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAMuNfs89yE

Flying out tomorrow, I hope that the snow will not follow me there ...
Any Parisians reading this would like to advise me what clothing I should take? After being in winter wonderland for so long this year, it is hard to believe that it can be spring somewhere even if I see temperature above 10 C in the forecast...


  1. Lucky girl! Have a wonderful time. Can't offer advise except to say you'll look fabulous in anything. How's that for a thought?

  2. wowowooo... thank you for such an encouraging thought! :) you made me smile now

  3. WOW! So exciting! I am leaving for Paris in 30 days!!! And I can hardly breath because I am so excited!! Have a blast!

  4. Thanks, Toni!! Is it your first time? You will have an amazzzzzing time, I know! I will soon post some of my special Paris moments from this trip :)