Chocolate aroma fills the street

It is so nice to live oposite the main chocolate factory in Latvia, but all through the summer I didn't feel particularly the famous scent.

But now, as the weather is getting colder, it somehow intensifies the smell, I guess, so this morning as I was walking down the street I felt like in Paris where there is "boulangerie" on every corner and the smell of fresh pastries and coffee and chocolate is in the air.

There's something charming about chocolate.

Maybe that's why one of my friends has created a "Chocolate Boutique" http://www.chocolate-events.lv/ - items created around and about theme of chocolate, but not eatable. Chocolate-like looking hair pins, jewelry, and even children fashion. It all looks so stylish.

What is your association and feelings about chocolate? Does it bring up positive, special emotions?


  1. Chocolate has this amazing aroma and flavor, and there never seems to be a bad time for chocolate! Hot chocolate (cocoa) reminds me of childhood sledding and ice skating outside, coming in to warm up sipping chocolate.

  2. Commented about your blog post today on my blog!

  3. Wow, you just painted a nice childhood picture there! Yes, there is something amazing about chocolate... :)